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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Refunds Of Lightroom Preset Packs

No refunds are available for these products. This policy is in place due to the nature of the product, unfortunately as we sell digital goods, once a product has been purchased a customer has full access to the digital download. Once a transaction has taken place Matt 'n' Seb no longer have control of regaining access to the product, and therefore can not exchange a refund in return of the goods exchanged during transaction. To protect the intellectual property of the products exchanged, a no refund policy is operated. This includes the $0.99, no refunds are available for this product

Refunds for $14.95/$7.99/$8.99/$34.95 subscription

No refunds are available for this product, the price is $14.95 (or price of plan) per month. The product is split up into a minimum of 3 payments of $14.95 (or price of plan) taken each month after the order is placed. Once these 3 payments have been taken you may request a refund before continuing into the next 3 month billing period. You must notify our team 1 month before the next payment goes out so we can cancel the subscription after the first 3 are taken.

The product price is listed clearly on the website, so if you believe you have been charged because you didn’t see the price you may contact our customer service team. However to avoid this happening we make sure to list this price really obviously on the page.

If you have taken the $14.95 500 presets you will receive a preset pack each week for as long as you remain on the subscription.

Refunds for $197 training call

The price of this 1 on 1 call is also clearly listed on the submit form button so make sure you only select this if you want to book onto a training call. We can negotiate a refund on this call if you believe you have submitted this by accident. However, no refunds are available during or after the call has taken place.


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